Альбина Атабаева

Альбина Атабаева

https://vk.com/albina_sorghardt 21.07.2018

Just wanted to leave a few words about the most incredible time I had mountaineering under Sergei’s and Eradzh’s guidance. I joined the trip who’s aim was reaching the summit of Mt Elbrus. Sergei and Eradzh were a tremendous help throughout every step of our journey, from preparation to all the way to arriving back down after reaching the summit. Our guides took a huge responsibility upon their shoulders by taking four newbies into mountain terrain, however, I felt very safe and well looked after all the way up and down. 

The trip itself was exhilarating. Mt Elbrus is magnificent and the views we were exposed to were breathtaking. Once you are some 3,800 meters above the sea, you look down and you see green fields, you look around - you are surrounded by rocky mountains, look up - and two snowy hats of Elbrus greeting you. And, of course, I can’t go without mentioning the spectacular night skies. The sky was vast and filled with more stars that I ever seen. I got to see the Milky Way and to crown it all, I got to see the planet Mars!!!

I would recommend this trip and these guys without any hesitation! Thank you, Sergei and Eradzh for the life time experience you gave me.

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